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Columbia looking into ways to increase cyber-security

Columbia is looking to bolster its cyber-security after a Christmas Eve attack shut down its website for nearly three days.

The Columbia Daily Tribune reports that the city website,, experienced a distributed denial of service attack beginning around 11 p.m. Dec. 24. The website was flooded with requests from multiple computers, and remained offline until around noon Dec. 27.

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Cyber Security Professionals Predict Their Biggest Concerns For 2015

With 2014 in the rear view mirror, it is fun to look forward to the year ahead and see if we can predict what may happen over the next twelve months. At the same time, predictions can prove to be very useful for businesses that are planning budgets and spending. So every December, cyber security experts begin to make their predictions on the future of information and network security.

“While no one can totally reliably predict the future, there are often good indications in what we see that provide likely directions for the coming year,” said Geoff Webb, senior director, security strategy with NetIQ. “For example, it was pretty clear at the end of last year, after the details of the Target TGT -1.79% breach become public, that it wasn’t going to be a one-off incident.  Rather, it was the opening salvo in what has proven to be a year-long attack on the retail industry.”

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N.Y. Financial Regulator Says To Focus On Cyber Security

New York’s financial regulator said on Monday his agency will focus on cyber security over the next year, saying the possibility of a systemic attack to the financial system is one thing that keeps him awake at night.

“It is impossible to take it seriously enough,” said Benjamin Lawsky, superintendent of the Department of Financial Services (DFS) for the state of New York.

Cyberterrorism is “the most significant issue DFS will work on in the next year,” he said, speaking at a Bloomberg Markets event at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in lower Manhattan.

A series of prominent cyber attacks this year has underscored how vulnerable much data has become. Just this month Home Depot revealed some 56 million payment cards were likely compromised in a cyber attack at its stores, dwarfing another recent high-profile attack at retailer Target.

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2014 Cyber Security News Was Dominated By The Sony Hack Scandal And Retail Data Breaches

When looking back on the cyber security stories of 2014, there is one type of event that clearly stands out above all others: data breaches against major corporations, particularly retail operations. “While 2013 was a bad year for IT security, there’s no disputing that 2014 was the worst,” said Kevin Jones, senior IT security architect for Thycotic. “Whether it was insider threats, anonymous, or nation-state hackers, 2014 was a bad year for anyone whose job is to protect sensitive data from unsanctioned access.”

But, while data breaches against retailers may be the top story of 2014, there’s a lot that a “year in review” can tell us about the state of information security today … and what it may be like tomorrow.

Year of the Data Breach

Point of sale devices have come under a lot of fire in 2014 as they were the source for the breaches that hit companies like Home Depot, Dairy Queen, Goodwill, and countless other companies (Target marked the beginning of this trend, but that breach was revealed in 2013). According to SentinelOne Labs’Advanced Threat Intelligence Report, point of sale devices don’t have security built into the systems, and most rely on Windows XP as an operating system. It was a security failure waiting to happen.

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Home Depot, Target, and now JPMorgan Chase: Hacking of 76 Million Households Makes it the Largest Intrusion Ever

According to The New York Times, a cyberattack this summer on JPMorgan Chase compromised the accounts of 76 million households and seven million small businesses, a tally that dwarfs previous estimates by the bank and puts the intrusion among the largest ever.

The Manhattan headquarters of JPMorgan Chase, which securities filings revealed was attacked by hackers over the summer.

Cyber Security World Conference 2015 New York City

The details of the breach — disclosed in a securities filling  on Thursday, October,2014 — emerge at a time when consumer confidence in the digital operations of corporate America has already been shaken.Target, Home Depot and a number of other retailers have sustained major data breaches. Last year, the information of 40 million cardholders and 70 million others were compromised at Target, while an attack at Home Depot in September affected 56 million cards.

But unlike retailers, JPMorgan, as the largest bank in the nation, has financial information in its computer systems that goes beyond customers’ credit card details and potentially includes more sensitive data.

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Cybersecurity Hindsight And A Look Ahead At 2015

This year we witnessed a series of high-profile security breaches, from the aftermath of the Target and HomeDepot fiascos, to a number of attacks on other national retailers, including Michaels, Goodwill and Neiman Marcus. Then there was the massive breach at JP Morgan Chase, which compromised personal information of more than 83 million households and businesses, and finally over 100 terabytes of internal files and films recently stolen from Sony.



Nobody was safe in 2014. In addition to large retailers, media companies and financial institutions, technology companies like eBay and Snapchat were hacked, too, and so were government organizations and healthcare institutions. Also this year, massive Internet infrastructure vulnerabilities were discovered, including Shellshock, Heartbleed and Poodle.

Of course, these publicized events are only a fraction of the overall exposure to losses emanating from cyber incidents, which in 2014 we estimate to be well into the hundreds of billions of dollars. Hence, many firms have dramatically increased their cybersecurity budgets for 2015, and we project that these budget allocations will continue to rise.

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Golden Networking’s Cyber Security World Conference 2015 New York City to Strategize Sony’s Agenda Beyond North Korean Cyber Attack and The Interview

Cyber Security World Conference 2015 New York City

Cyber Security World Conference 2015 New York City

Headlines in recent weeks have been consumed with the news of a cyberattack that targeted Sony’s movie studio as it geared to release The Interview, film that describes a CIA attempt to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong- un.

The company now could face tens of millions of dollars in costs from the massive computer hack that hobbled its operations for days. Major costs include investigations into what happened, computer repairs or replacements, and steps to prevent a future attack. Lost productivity while operations were disrupted will add to the price tag.

The attack, believed to be the worst of its type on a company on U.S. soil, also hits Sony’s reputation for a perceived failure to safeguard information. Recently on October that U.S. President Barack Obama signed an executive order to strengthen security measures for federal credit cards, and urged banks and retailers to follow suit in an effort to combat cyber theft and identity fraud. Several major corporations would take steps to make their own systems more secure and offer more customer protections as well.

These recommendations came after many other large companies including Adobe Systems, Automated Data Processing, Citigroup, E*Trade Financial, Fidelity Investments, Home Depot, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, Nasdaq OMX, Neiman Marcus, Target and Wal-mart had suffered high-profile cyber security breaches. It is not beyond the realm of possibilities to think that today the information of every American has already been compromised in any of these publicly disclosed attacks.

For instance, JPMorgan Chase, America’s largest bank with $2.39 trillion in assets, has revealed that about 76 million households and 7 million of small-business customers have been impacted by a cybersecurity attack in one of the most sweeping disclosed global breaches. Unknown attackers stole customers’ contact information, which included names, email addresses, phone numbers and addresses, affecting an amount equivalent to two-thirds of American households.

Cyber Security World Conference 2015 New York City ( will provide a platform for information security authorities and innovative service providers to distil their latest research for hundreds of senior executives focused on protecting enterprise and government valuable assets. Cyber security experts will discuss subjects such as protecting individuals and companies against cyber-attacks, biometrics as the future of security, risks brought by mobile computing, and protecting corporate and national infrastructure against foreign attacks.

Top-of-mind topics that Cyber Security World Conference 2015 will discuss include:

  • Cyber Security Megatrends Security Professionals can’t Ignore Today
  • Strengthening the Security of Industry-wide Technology Infrastructure
  • How Hackers Really Operate to Obtain Financial Data
  • Cyber Security and its Role in the Overall Security of the United States
  • Key Considerations about Security in the Internet of Things Age
  • Designing and Managing Effective Information Security Programs

Cyber Security World Conference 2015 is produced by Golden Networking, the premier networking community for business and technology executives, entrepreneurs and investors. Panelists, speakers and sponsors are invited to contact Golden Networking by sending an email to