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Is Barack Obama a Cybersecurity Leader?

This past year, Obama issued another executive order directing government agencies to shift to the use of chip-and-PIN cards that are deemed more secure than magnetic stripe cards (seeObama Seeks to Speed EMV Adoption). Now, the president is aggressively pushing his latest cybersecurity initiatives, which include measures to encourage businesses to share cyberthreat information, nationalize data breach notification and toughen criminal laws to allow prosecution of botnet sales and protect student data (see Obama Unveils Cyberthreat Info Sharing Plan and Obama Seeks to Nationalize Breach Notification). “If we don’t act, we’ll leave our nation and our economy vulnerable,” Obama said in this week’s State of the Union address. “If we do, we can continue to protect the technologies that have unleashed untold opportunities for people around the globe.”

President Obama at the State of the Union. (White House photo)

Defining Leadership

Does all of this make Obama a cybersecurity leader? To help me answer that question, I asked experts in the IT security and privacy field to share their thoughts on the matter.

“It’s incontrovertible that the president has demonstrated true leadership in the cybersecurity space,” says Larry Clinton, president of the industry trade group Internet Security Alliance. “No world leader has shown more vision and insight to the cyberthreat.”

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